The policy and guideline of the communist party of vietnam on education and training cooperation with asean countries from 1995 to 2010

Therefore, to maintain close and realistic guidance, the party bases on the achieved outcomes to determine the objectives, constituents and requirements for each group of countries during the policy-making process and the implementation of educational cooperation with ASEAN nations. With Laos and Cambodia, the Party and State require our partners to improve entrance qualifications and a certain proficiency of Vietnamese. When Vietnam receives scholarships and sends students, it is important to clarify the professions most needed in the country . Therefore, there are a few issues that must be considered in the cooperation on education and training between Vietnam and ASEAN countries: Continue to promote and exploit comparative advantages; develop consistent training structure, training programs and training quality; promote experience sharing in teaching, learning, and academic exchanges among ASEAN countries; encourage regional universities to use English in teaching and learning; develop a consensus and mutual recognition of degrees and diplomas to facilitate the free flow of skilled labor within ASEAN. The actual policymaking and implementation process of education and training cooperation with ASEAN countries has generated a lot of valuable experiences. Such are not only applicable to the field of education and training but also to other field, given enough flexibility. Therefore, they must be inherited and promoted. The development future of Vietnam is always inextricably bound to ASEAN and the neighboring countries in ASEAN. Education cooperation with ASEAN countries is a potential market and with promising prospects that Vietnam should give priority in conjunction with other fields. With the rapid and sustainable socio-economic development of Vietnam, education and training will have more opportunities to make positive, proactive, responsible, and organized participation in ASEAN cooperation activities.



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