Teaching based interaction in training primary teacher of university level

1- In recent years, the training of primary school teachers in pedagogical universities has been innovated but results are still limited, highly suitable with requirements professions's practices yet. The main cause of this problem in the training process, which is the theoretical program, at practice, learning environments lack interaction, teacherstudent relationships that impose less severe on the coast inspire and promote creativity, independence today hoc.While, interactive teaching is considered as one of the key principles of modern teaching. That is, whether the learner is, what is the educational content, teaching methods matter how well the need for interaction between the components of teaching activities. Therefore, to study based on interactive teaching in primary teacher training university degree is a viable approach in the reform of teacher training methods primary current. 2- The nature of the interaction in teaching is to clarify the position in the surrounding areas of science education, as follows. 1 / Under philosophical stance, interactive teaching is both bold reflection on the relationship principles and common development of the material, the phenomenon of objective reality. Interaction between the active components in the teaching of conflict resolution within the teaching activities. It is the most powerful force to bring about the development of teaching and learning activities in general and learning in particular. 2 / Under the standpoint of psychology, interactive teaching is stimulated and the chain reaction between teachers and students with the external environment (behavioral psychology) is the process of adjusting the of psychology itself in two mechanisms of assimilation and application (cognitive psychology) is a method to satisfy the needs of knowledge, awareness and assert themselves (humanistic psychology) is method creates a constantly shifting areas of student development approach (psychological operations). 3 / Under stance neuroscience of perception, interaction with learners and the teaching environment is the use of the senses to enrich the heterogeneous information in the right hemisphere. Interaction within the school (with interactive icons have) is the process of transforming heterogeneous information in the right hemisphere of the identifying information (ie, knowledge in the form of language models , diagrams) and persisted in the left hemisphere



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