Studying the determination of a number of rain parameters to make contributions to completing the formula of design flow of small sized drain works on road under the climatic conditions of vietnam

1) Proposing a number of recommendations in the hydrological calculations for bridges and culverts in Vietnam as follows. 1.1. It is necessary to regularly update the data on developments rain suit weather conditions to build the parameters for calculating the design flow of drainage works on the roads. 1.2. When calculating the design of small drainage works on the roads outside determined by calculating the frequency of traffic regulations designed Q p% longer need to check further under water level and historical flood flow Qhistorical of the mutations in heavy rain to get the solutions to cope with the phenomenon of sudden rainfall, rainfall intensity and duration appear due to the extreme ng of the climate change phenomenon. This is a new recommendations of the thesis. 2) Recommending appropriate rain zoning to calculate flow requirements designed small drainage works on the road should be based on the main criteria is characteristic rain shape coefficient T T, ie, strength- rain and rain periods calculated, the tolerance level of the partition ensures rain conditions Ruseful2 [Ruseful2]gh and analysis combined with synthetic factors affecting processing of rain causes floods as torrential rains, the rainy season, topographical features. Here are proposals with scientific and practical significance to plan for good flood prevention, the first issue is required flood logical partition, in accordance with rainfall characteristics, topographic features of each region.



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