Study on biological characteristics and technology of spawn production, cultivation of king oyster mushroom (pleurotus eryngii) and yunzhi mushroom (trametes versicolor) in vietnam

1. From the assessment results on indicators of growth and development of 6 spawns of King Oyster mushrooms (Pleurotus eryngii) and 2 spawns of Yunzhi mushroom in pure culture stages and rearing period, King oyster mushroom strain E1 and Yunzhi mushroom strain Tra- 1, adaptable to the ecological conditions of Vietnam, have been selected. 2. Optimal conditions for propagating E1 liquid spawn of King oyster mushrooms at the stage of spawn grade 1: temperature for rearing mycelium is 26 ± 1ºC; pH6; medium formula 5; shakeing mode 160 r /min; original spawn seed rate for inoculation is 30% of original spawns/200ml of liquid medium; innoculating time is 96 hours. In the stage of intermediate spawns: aeration rate of 0.7 liters of air / medium 24 liter / min; rate of spawn gradel 1 for seedlings of inter mediate spawns is 7% compared to the medium. For the stage of commercial spawns, suitable medium formula for breeding commercial King oyster mushroom E1 is formula 3. Optimal conditions for propagation of Yunzhi Tra-1 (Trametes versicolor) liquid spawn level 1: temperature: 30 ± 1 º C; pH6; Medium Formula 3; shaking mode 140 r/min, the rate of original spawns used for innocubating 30% /200ml of medium; incubation time is 84 hours. In the stage of intermediate spawns: aeration rate of 0.6 l air /1 liter of medium / min; ratio of original spawn of Grade 1 for mediated inoculation is 10% comparing to the medium; suitable medium formula for breeding commercial Yanzhi mushroom Tra-1 is formula 2.



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