State management of electronic commerce

As E-commerce as well as State management of E-commerce is a fairly new area in Vietnam, there have not yet been many studies of theory and reality in this area. Theoretical and practical basis studies and learning of State management of Ecommerce will have considerable contributions to State management of E-commerce completion, creating a basis for State management activities of E-commerce. The thesis content as: “State management of E-commerce” has partially satisfied the needs of theory and reality in State management of E-commerce”. Owing to the constraints of research extent, the thesis has some following conclusions: Firstly, the thesis systemized basic theoretical issues of state management for Ecommerce such as concepts, objectives, principles and contents of E-commerce State management which have not been mentioned by any previous studies. Secondly, the thesis summarized several experience in E-commerce State management in E-commerce developing countries. Thanks to countries’ experience, the thesis drew some of lessons learnt which are beneficial for Vietnam’s E commerce state management. Thirdly, the thesis analyzed actual status of Vietnam’s E-commerce State management in the recent period by the scientific use of research methods. The thesis composed a set of criteria for evaluating contents of E-commerce State management. Through these criteria; the thesis evaluated the performance of Ecommerce State management contents and therefore, illustrate achievements, problems needed to be solved in E-commerce State management.



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