Research on management model of public transport in vietnam cities

Urbanization is an inevitable and objective trend of the development in many countries. One of urbanization consequences is the pressure on urban transport problems, especially in developing countries as Vietnam. Recently, the traffic density in big cities, especially in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, is more and more increasing, leading to the situation of increasing traffic congestion, decreasing average traffic speed, increasing traffic accidents and environmental pollution at the alarming level. These issues have been becoming heavy challenges for Vietnam industrialization and modernization process. In order to solve above issues, one of important solutions is to develop public transport and to appropriately manage the usage of private vehicles. In which, the completion of management model for public transport is one of important content to implement the above strategy. Based on the need from real life, the study focused on research of state management model for public transport in Vietnam cities during the period up to 2020 and oriented towards 2030. Contribution results of the study are as follows: (1) Systematization and diversification of argument foundation for state management in urban public transport in which the development strategies, function and task and types of management models, lesson learned from urban transport development in the world are deeply analyzed and systematized. The new recoveries are: - Scientific foundation and confirmation: the urban transport development oriented towards public transport is important factor for urban sustainable development. - From general methodological approach, the study concretized the effectiveness evaluation norms for state management model in urban public transport. - Summary of lesson learned from the success and failure of urban transport in the world in aspects of awareness, planning, development of public transport and intervention roles of Government



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