Research of earth embankment stability on natural ground

1- Different from traditional methods of soil mechanics, author uses theory min ( max) to be able to directly apply the method limit analysis to research earth embankment stability on natural ground (not given stress state or shape of slip line). Use the lower bound theorem of the theory of limit analysis gives us the stress distribution in the soil before failure and found slip line field, that we can take appropriate measures to improve stability when needed. 2- Different from traditional methods is research methods separate slope and bearing capacity of the natural, author built overall stability 27 problem of the embankment so natural to be able to study the impact between them. 3- The soil stability problems presented in the thesis is correct on mechanics, mathematics and strict new. In terms of mathematical is that the non-linear programming problem because constraining is the yield condition Mohr- Coulomb. The solution method is a method of finite difference and to optimize the use of available content, author programmed on Matlab's software to solve. Difference schemes for the solution of the thesis results with high accuracy, such as Flamant problem with some, limited slope angle of internal friction materials that do not intend to use ice internal friction angle of the material, load within the limits of medium to steep tomorrow theoretical formula (this result is also new), etc.



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