Policy on forest environment lease in national parks in the northern vietnam case study at ba vi, tam dao, ben en national parks

On the basis of the research contents, the author has completed the research objectives and the following conclusions: 1. Ecotourism business in National Park is a method of forest environment value exploitation, has been being applied in many countries in the world. Confirming the type of ecotourism is responsible for environment conservation and to improve livelihood of local communities. 2. Forest environment lease for ecotourism business is piloted in a number of National Parks in Vietnam and had certain results initially, contributing to reduce the burden on the state budget, creating financial sources to bring sustainable nature of National Park and attracting resources of private sector to invest in forest development and protection. 3. In Vietnam, there has not been separate legislation of forest environment lease for ecotourism business in National Park, creating a new legal framework for the initial pilot implementation of this policy, however the policy is revealed many limitations and inadequacies and have not met the practical requirements. 4. The policy of forest environement lease for ecotourism business in National Park should focus on the following contents: definition of policy objectives, ensuring main contents of policy (objects, limitation, price, limit, fund management and use, the rights and obligations of each party, order, procedure, contract transfer, implementation of activities, monitor, inspection for lease. 5. The solutions of formulation and implementation of forest environment lease policy for ecotourism business in life needd to focus on addressing the following issues: management decentralization mechanism of National Park based on responsibilites and certain powers, fitted with approciate investment mechanisms for National Park; Issuing cerficates ofland use rights for the Parks; Completing the management structure at the Parks ona a consistent basis tend to associate with protection and exploitation of the value of forest. Strengthening dissemination of policy to related objects; Mobilizing participants to exploit the forest environment, especially the private sector; Education and awareness of forest protection and coordination of the implementation of forest environment lease policy of local communities; Training human resources in ecotourism development; building infrastructure in the park area to attract investors, strengthening inspection and supervision of the forest environment lease organization and ensuring legality and stricture offorest environment leases; coordination and benefit sharing with local governments.



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