Developing the labor market in the right direction is one of the most important issues in releasing the potential of the labor force, improving the effeciency of labor use, as well assuccessfully implementing the goals set forth. Accessing the current status and analysing the developments trend of the labor market allow identifying various principles, identifying the movement of components as well as the need to propose the suitable regulatory solutions. The analysis and accessment of current status as well as the identification of developments trend of labor market in Mekong Delta region should begin with (1) the analysis of the characteristics of goods in the market e.i (commodity oflabourpower); tools to distribute and move commodity of labour-power from the place of production to the place of consumption (labor market in the Mekong Delta), and (2) orientation of development of the labor market in the context of economic development of provinces and cities in the regional, as required to overcome market imperfections limitations and according to the predict population change, labor in Mekong Delta area to 2020. Labor in Mekong Delta is big number with labor diversity and supply; there is an an important role in economic development - social provinces and cities in the region, capable of self-adjust to adapt, survive, to develop before changes, events that occur in each period. The ability to self-adjust to cope, adapt to events of regional labor Mekong Delta has made the flow of labor mobility, population, altering the quantity, quality, labor structure provinces and cities in the region towards improving and better meet the needs mobilization, effective use of human resources.



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