Improving the competitiveness in providing mobile communication services of Vietnam's telecommunications companies

During this research, the authors looked at the document, investigate customer interviews, expert consultation under the guidance of science teacher guidance. As a result, the thesis answers the question about the problem: (1) competitiveness and competitiveness in the provision of mobile communication services be?, (2) Features primarily of mobile communication services and service suppliers of mobile communication, (4) factors affecting the competitiveness of Vietnam telecommunications company providing services in mobile communication?, (4) the criteria for evaluating the competitiveness of companies in the provision of mobile communication services? Through the investigation of secondary data and interviews with 972 customers using mobile information service company of three major service providers in Vietnam market is VinaPhone, MobiFone and Viettel, the author has setup the comprehensive picture of the competitiveness landscape in providing information services to mobile telecom company in Vietnam. The author points out the strengths and weaknesses of the overall competitiveness of all three companies as well as its own internal capacity of MobiFone, VinaPhone and Viettel in the provision of mobile communication services. Combined with the theoretical framework outlined in Chapter 2, 7 groups stated solution: Improve service quality, expand market and brand development of the company; Improving the organizational structure of investment companies and human resource development; Improved service delivery processes, research, investment in developing networks and services and to boost investment cooperation and international synchronization and standardization management mechanisms, financial regulations and network planning to improve the competitiveness of these companies in the future. In addition, the authors also propose such government created a legal framework ventilation, improve the business environment, abolished some taxes unreasonable, uniform orientation, planning, monitoring to meet the development needs of the economy and society, to create a healthy competitive environment.



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