Improving the competition and business monopoly control policy in Vietnam in the context of international economic integration

Competition and monopoly are two opposite extremes and have causal relationship in the market structure. A fierce and aggressive competition without the State control will result in accumulation, concentration and then leading to monopoly, or monopoly is the inevitable consequence of competition. In contrast, monopoly without the State’s control will prevent or even eliminate competition, changing the market structure and correlation, having negative impacts on the society and customers. So, “improving the competition and business monopoly control policy in Vietnam in the context of international economic integration” is the topic to promote the role of the State through policy instruments, in order to create and maintain the fair and equal competitive environment among economic agents in the domestic, regional as well as international markets. This is the topic to analyze and assess the policy with combination of theory and practice not only in the coming time butalso in the process of globalization and international economic integration of Vietnam. The dissertation has made some scientific contributions and has achieved some major research results as follows: (i) The dissertation has provided an overview as well as a clear interpretation of the theoretical issues of the competition and monopoly control policy. In which, the competition and monopoly control law is an important component of the competition policy. The dissertation has identified the changes and development of the market structure in the context of globalization with existence of 2 markets: competitive and noncompetitive. The dissertation has also clearly confirmed and interpreted that the nature of the competition policy and competition law is act of anti-monopoly, monopoly control and competition maintenance. So, there is no presence of monopoly in the competitive environment. (ii) From experience of some countries in the worlds in planning and implementing their competition and monopoly control policy, the dissertation has presented 6 useful lessons for Vietnam with 3 major criteria: increasing social welfare for customers, protecting competition process and increasing efficiency of the economy. (iii) I have developed and used some common criteria, component 24 criteria to conduct an analysis and assessment of policies which have direct or indirect impacts on the business and competitive environment in Vietnam. I have also identified the limitations and shortcomings of the policies. Accordingly, I have recommended conducting an analysis and providing opponent comments on the policy in a scientific manner before and after its application. (iv) In order to create and maintain the competitive environment, I have recommended 5 viewpoints and 5 solution groups for improving the competition and business monopoly control policy inVietnam. In which, it requires the State agencies in policy making andmanagement to change their awareness, visions and guiding thinking. It requires connecting the institutions and policies with the global market and environment, with the international commitments; respect business freedomand autonomy, and legal interests of the customers. It also requires improving the organizational model of competition management agencies based on merger of the Vietnam Competition Authority and Competition Council into the National Competition Commission operating directly under the Government, in order to achieve a greater legal position and power which correspond to its assigned function and task. (v) Implemetation of above chanes and contents will lead to changes in the market structure and relationship, the situation as well as nature of the competition and monopoly. Finally, the State will be able to create and maintain a fair, equal competitive environment, contributing to renewing the growth model, increasing the quality, efficiency and competitiveness of the enterprises and the whole economy as well.



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