Consumer behaviors and the marketing mix of mobile enterprises in vietnam

Mobile services are services with high technological contents, but they are becoming more and more popular in daily life. Consumer behaviors towards mobile services have attracted not only researchers but also service providers and State management bodies. However, theoretically, few studies in the same field have provided an overall examination of internal and external factors affecting consumerbehaviors. Practically, it is essential for mobile enterprises to have a thorough understanding of consumer behaviors since it will help them work out good plans for reasonable resource allocation and increase their ARPUs, especially in the present difficult economicand market context in Vietnam. This dissertation has provided an overall examination and analysis of theoretical and practical issues and methods for researching consumer behaviors. This laid the foundations for the building of a model for researching the behaviors of mobile service consumers in Vietnam, as well as the basis for the analysis and proposal of an appropriate marketing mix for Vietnamese mobile enterprises. This research has achieved its general and specific goals set in the beginning. All hypotheses have been tested. Results of quantitative research have shown that the behaviors of mobile service consumers are affected by six external factors listed in the descending order of impact as follows: corporate image, switching cost, basic service quality, difficulties in changing mobile numbers when changing networks, service price, and valueadded service quality. Regarding internal factors, the Vietnamese consumers have four main characteristics equivalent to four decision-making styles as follows: (1) fashiontechnology consciousness, (2) quality consciousness, (3) value consciousness, and (4) habitual shopping. Among them, the characteristics 1, 3, and 4 have direct impacts on consumer behaviors. The research has also proved that consumers with different characteristics are influenced differently by external factors. Based on the results of quantitative research on consumer behaviors towards mobile services, the research has compared the marketing mixes of the Vietnamese mobile enterprises over the past time and then proposed the marketing mix for the whole market. Accordingly, the Vietnamese mobile enterprises should further develop value-added services and after-sales—customer care activities, build corporate image, and prevent themselves from abusing promotion. The dissertationhas also suggested the marketing mix for each market segment according to consumer characteristics.



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