Báo cáo Faculty of Foreign Languages

During my internship period, I have learned that a lot of useful things to myself through my senior supervisors and the members in my group helped me. At the same time, it was the first experience I had that taught me to listen to people with ideas and opinions that I had never before considered and help me to develop new ways of thinking about the same problems. • Firstly, I have some teaching experiences, in process of teaching I realized that prepare lesson is very important because if I have good preparation to lesson plan I will make a good performance in front of class, and I also have known how to make students more lively and enjoyable instead of students feeling bored or not paying attention to the lesson • Secondly, I know how to balance time, the ways to arrange time were right in process of lesson plan and focus on the main parts in lesson plan, the ways to choose the best teaching methods help students understand easier and focus on the main parts of the lesson. I have learnt how to contact with students and understand them, so we should talk to them before starting the lesson and if we want all students in class cooperate with us we also should give some small games in class help students to feel more interesting and enjoyable when the lesson starts such as guessing words, matching games, arranging games and so on. Besides that, I also helped me more confident and dynamic when I talk to them or the ways to handle with my students so I can control the class more easily and convenient, and I believe I have enough confidence to manage when the class becomes noisy. In process of teaching practice I have a lot of chances to communicate with students more than so I could know a few students’ psychology • Furthermore, when I paid attention at some period of member’s in-group I realized once thing that I did not, I should say some funny things from the lesson to break the boring atmosphere. Over the internship, I have chanced to improve and practice my weak skills as well as my strong points help me more perfectly about myself both the knowledge and the experiences.



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