A study on the embankment caculation method reinforced by geotextile in the construction of highway in vietnam

1 . Stability analysis results according to the finite element method by hnh_ress V1.00 software (geotextile reinforced embankment stability analysis) case of: different heights embankment , different slopes coefficients , good soil or soft soil, dangerous sliding surface result is the ellipse -shaped face. The center of the ellipse is determined slip in a position to face the same level of high embankment . The software program set algorithm to draw lines passing through the point of distortion has the largest shear strain in embankment (Display > Slip suface stresses), then use the sliding surface approximation method to test ellipse equation and copper pointed out countless times in circular slip surfaces assuming a circular slip surfaces are approximate. In case of arc shape sliding surface is considered as a special case of the ellipse shape . The results of this study contribute to further clarify the previous study at home and abroad [57] , [60] that the slip surface is not circular slip surfaces . 2 . Construction tension expressions (Tmax) - (4.36) of the geotextile layers in reinforced embankment. Where Tmax is caculated according to form of ellipse slip surface from the research results, stability analysis by finite element method. And tension value (Tmax) of the geotextile layer also has built-in hnh-ress software (Report > Geotextile Forces).



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